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You have not heard the saying "River Song is So Epic she actually divorced Lord Voldermort and lived" Teehee


No, I'm not generally a behind the scenes sort of person, so this totally floored me. :D

God, this is disturbing. I think I sort of knew Alex used to be with Ralph Fiennes (whom I really like xD), but I never twigged about the Voldemort thing...

Still, it's an interesting idea for a crack!fic xD We should make it into a prompt, perhaps some insane very clever person will pick it up xD

I've been a fan of Alex's for years and years. It was a pretty rough time for her, so everytime I see the river and voldermort thing it makes me feel a bit sad. I won't go into what happened, but it's all on the record out there in cyberspace.

Yeah, I didn't mean any disrespect to them, I just thought it was fascinating from a character perspective. Divorce is always horrible for the people involved.

Oh I know! Those feelings are my own. Just glad she came through it.

It was very heartbreaking for her; I've been a fan of both actors a while as well. Unfortunately, people are going to make those connections.

She alledgely attempted suicide after the divorce. :(

Yeah, this terrifies me to think of it. That wonderful woman, all the good she's done, all she has come to mean to so many people. All of the good she's brought into the world by it. All could have been lost.

I am so grateful it didn't happen. The world would be a much less rich place without her.

On a happier note. She can now send her avatar, River Song, out to kick his avatar's ass! :D

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