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LOL!! Only the Doctor would come up with such a zany and fun solution...rather delicious, too, lol!!

Mmmm...mapley River!!

*Claps hands in delight*

Oh you naughty naughty doctor! First letting the "cattle" out then dousing your dear wife with maple syrup; next thing you know he will be offering to lick her clean :)

Aaaaand now I want pancakes.

and several gallons of milk that they actually had on hand in the Tardis. The Doctor liked his chocolate milk.

And knowing the TARDIS, she somehow prevented them from going bad. If only I could do the same with the bread in our bin ...

He opened the nozzle just a little bit. And blasted her head to toe in Maple Syrup...

You know, this is probably the origin of River's hat vengeance against the Doctor. Because she had to get revenge somehow ...

Aw. This is so cute. I love flying insect cattle. Hee hee. It was all a misunderstanding. At first I thought it was a straight cannibal story. Just goes to show... the Doctor's many enemies may have reason to be very cross with him. XD Thanks

OMG! So adorable! I foresee River kicking the Doctor's butt. ;)

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