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Advent Calendar: Day 24: Merry Christmas, Doctor Who (Art)
Tribble at the Door
Title: Merry Christmas, Doctor Who
Artist: DV8R71
Medium: Art (Photomanip)
Summary: All the Doctors wish you a Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas, Doctor Who

(on Deviantart)

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That's it. I hope everyone enjoyed this year's Advent Calendar. If you missed any days, you can still see them at - Betawho 2012 Advent Calendar.

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for all of it *admires*

I got to say, that's an awesome manip. Six looks slightly bemused to be getting a gift from Three. :-)

Actually, I think Three and Six are pulling a cracker. :) I wonder who will win...

Good to see Paul McGann in there. I understand he was quite disappointed that the 1996 TV movie didn't fly; as Wikipedia puts it,

“Despite the fact the Eighth Doctor appeared on television only once, he is the most prolific of all the Doctors (to date) in terms of number of individual stories published in novel, novella, short story and audio form.” [5]

Oh I love this!!! Thank you for posting it :)

That is so adorable! Merry Christmas. (:

What a fun month this has been thanks to you! And what a wonderful picture to end on. Thank you so much!!!

Thank you for suggesting it! And thanks for the LJ Gift! Cookies!! :D

Two is waiting for a hell of a bang! I love this, great job.

That is beautiful! However, it makes me think of this...

This is beautiful and delightful <3

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