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Gallifrey Base users! Attention, they need our help!
Tribble at the Door
I don't know how many Doctor Who fans on Livejournal use Gallifreybase, but if you do, or if you're a Doctor Who fan who hasn't heard of it yet, they need our help.

Gallifreybase is the biggest independent online Doctor Who forum. It's a fantastic place for going and discussing all facets of Doctor Who, both Classic and New. It's well moderated, respectful, and really allows us to dig into Doctor Who and converse with other Doctor Who fans worldwide.

Gallifreybase is free for the public to use, but they are a non-profit organization (no ads, just pure Doctor Who fun) and they do have to pay for their server use.

Since Doctor Who is off the air this year, and Doctor Who use has been down everywhere, Gallifreybase is in danger of not being able to pay for it's server use. This would be a fantastic loss to fandom if Gallifreybase was forced to close. It's one of the best Doctor Who resources on the web! Even Stephen Moffat used it when it was still Outpost Gallifrey! (Back before he became show runner.)

If you're a Doctor Who fan, please go check out Gallifrey Base, (they even have sections that showcase filming photos and updates for the new series 10 now being filmed!)

Support Gallifreybase by becoming a Patron, you can donate as little as $10 or as much as you want (donations aren't required to use Gallifreybase, but for fans who want some Doctor Who discussion and fun between series, and discussion of the new series as it airs, it's the best resource on the web!)

Please help keep this great Doctor Who tradition alive, and spread the word to the other Doctor Who fans in your friends lists and communities, let people on facebook, twitter, and everywhere else know! Lots of fans are away right now between seasons and might not know the site needs their help. It would be a shame for them to come back next spring when the series starts again, to find Gallifreybase gone!

Please help! Spread the word!

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Wow, they have the greatest memory of all websites!
I have to re-enter my password and select Remember Me about 3 times a week for most of them but GB remembered ME despite:

You last visited: 27 Aug 2014 at 6:17 am


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