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Very interesting start! I don't normally well, EVER, really read anything with Amy in it, but the plot sounded so interesting that I wanted to check it out. Glad I did, I think you have a really good start here! =D

I'm liking this a lot!!!

hmmmmm Very interesting and Heck yeah I'm pretty much here for the duration, already have you as a friend so good to go and can't wait to see exact where you are going to take us.

I rarely read Doctor Who fic, and hardly ever venture into the word of WIPs, but this has me deeply intrigued.

Edited at 2011-01-31 09:22 am (UTC)

I tend to post chapters as I'm writing, so on first viewing it's a WIP.

But this story is now complete.

Ah, Work In Progress. Gotcha. :-)

Nice start! Looking forward to more. :)

Honestly, for a second when I read your description I thought, "OMG, is this a plot for season 6?!"

I really love the idea, and this was a good first chapter. :)

Good beginning and I will continue to look forward to some more of your story

You certainly got my attention. Great hook! One thing jumped out at me as not quite right... the 'as usual' regarding the TARDIS materializing in an alley. Seems to me it does sometimes and not at other times. I'm not sure he can fly it that precisely.
At any rate, i'm very intrigued. I apparently missed this when you first started posting. i'm off to catch up. I quite like it so far.

Oh cool, the planet is named after me! :-D

awesome start! i'm always up for 11/amy/rory adventure! hope to read more soon!

Brilliant start! I'm digging this so much. Thank you for writing this. =)

Just want to say, I've been meaning to read this for ages, and never got around to it because I can't concentrate on reading stories on computer screens. I have copied the whole fic to a text file and I intend to read it by loading it on my MP4 player, which displays text files and has bookmarks. I've been doing hours and hours of reading each sitting that way, so while looking for other stuff to read, I remembered this fic. I hope it's as good as the few bits I've seen of it so far! :-)

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