Tribble at the Door

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Do continue, this looks like a beginning of a fantastic piecs :D

Although, to be fair, he already had the toothache when he got there. LOLOL Great start. :D

This is great! More, please!

Oh this is delightful! Can't wait to see more!! Post the next bit sooooon! *hits refresh repeatedly*

I like it so far... Please continue!

Looking forward to more!

Looking good...can't wait for more. I like the old west setting...very different. Is there going to be an historical character?

Please carry on with this. I haven't read any Dr Who fanfic before and I like this.

Okay, I just started reading this, mostly because of the words 'Tombstone, AZ', I'm SUCH a native. But I do want to point out that Tombstone is only smelly because of its proximity to Tucson. Sorry Rose.

(Deleted comment)
The story is complete, just hit the "Next Chapter" link at the end of each chapter to read it all.

I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Just started it. Ooh, but that mental image of the Doctor has me watering at the mouth...*drools*

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