betawho (betawho) wrote,

Horror Story - Doctor Who

Title - Horror Story
Author - betawho
Characters - 11th Doctor, Jack Harkness
Rating - PG
Words - 250

From the prompt: "We shall each write a ghost story. - One which would speak to the mysterious fears of our nature, and awaken thrilling horror - one to make the reader dread to look round, to curdle the blood, and quicken the beatings of the heart..." - Mary Shelly (Frankenstein)

It rose from beneath the ground, covered in limp weeds and clumps of soil, its lank hair infested with worms. It clawed its way upward toward the light, moaning, skin gray in the cloudy moonlight.

It emerged from beneath the ground, and crawled forward into the air, its once fashionable suit now a rag of tatters. An owl hooted, and swooped past on silent wings.

Another emerged from the torn hole in the ground, long and boney, large knuckles showing through the thin skin on skeletal fingers. Deep sunk eyes glittered in the pale face. It slithered up into the world like a newborn snake, flopping over to show a white belly to the glowing moon.

The chill night whistled eerily around them, dead leaves rattled past. The first figure moaned and turned on its companion on all fours. It growled menacingly.

The second figure started to shake, then bray loudly at the moon. The poisonous red stripe around its neck bobbing at the sound.

"Damn it, Doctor. Quit laughing!" Jack complained. "The next time we need to break out of prison, you can do the digging."

He stared down at his ragged nails in the moonlight. "My fingernails will never be the same."

"Oh, stop moaning, Jack," the Doctor said, pushing himself up and adjusting his bow tie. "I'll buy you a manicure."


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