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Tribble at the Door

Doctor Who Adventures

Stories of the Doctor's Other Adventures in Time and Space

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Wherever it's Christmas p.3
Tribble at the Door

Amy hung the last decoration and stepped back.  It was the most beautiful Christmas tree she'd ever seen.  And it was entirely covered in junk.

Well, not entirely, she admitted.  They had managed to find one box of old Victorian Christmas ornaments.  But the rest was pure improv, sparkly bits ranging from fluid links to fiber optic cables that the Doctor had wired up to flash in different colors.  They had even made some tinsel out of some silvery, shredded alien packing material.

She stood back with satisfaction.  They'd set the tree up just to the right of the scanner.  Rory had even hung a wreath they'd found on the coat rack on the other side.  There was plenty of floor room for presents.

"What now?"  the Doctor asked, hands in his pockets, smiling at the jury rigged tree.

"Now?  Macy's!"  Amy said.

Rory groaned.

They all gathered around the Tardis console, preparing to dematerialize.  "Macy?  Who's that?  Where does he live?"  The Doctor flexed his fingers over the keypad.

"Macy's," Amy said in a long-suffering tone, "the department store?" The Doctor just stared at her blankly. Amy sighed and rolled her eyes. "Say, 2012, New York, New York."

"Ah!"  The Doctor entered coordinates and set them spinning.

"Bit of a problem, Amy."  Rory pointed out.  "What are we going to do for money?"

"Oh, the Doctor's got loads of it in the wardrobe."

"He does?"

"I do?"

"Yeah.  That whole wall at the far end.  Covered in dust.  Don't you ever look in there?  You've got all kinds of money in there, doubloons, pounds, dollars, there's even some weird looking shells, and a drawer full of mechanical spiders.  Though I don't know what they're for."

"Show me!"  The Doctor grabbed her hand and sprinted off for the wardrobe.

Amy pointed to the far end of the huge room.  "Over there."

The Doctor ran over and started tossing aside heaps of clothing that had washed up against the cupboard wall like drifts of snow.

He opened one of the cupboard doors to reveal a complex array of electronics on the left side, and a tiered rack of bins on the right.  He opened the bins up, one by one, and sure enough they contained British pounds and American dollars of different year's vintage, wampum shells, Spanish doubloons, and a variety of coinage, including the spiders.

He stared at the electronics, bent and flipped a few switches.

"How did you find this?"  he turned and asked Amy.  "I've been looking for this for years.  It's standard on all Tardises but I could never find it!"  He glared up accusingly at the ceiling.

Amy shrugged.  "I was just in here trying on clothes and there it was."

"So money is no problem then?"  Rory asked.

"No!"  The Doctor grinned and started loading up Amy and Rory's arms with small green American bills.

"Uh, wait a minute." Rory said. "Isn't this counterfeit?"

"Of course not!"  The Doctor said, affronted.  "Time lords are very careful about that.  They'll never know the difference.  Can't be going around destabilizing economies."

"Yet you intend to let Amy loose in Macy's with free money?"

"Well," the Doctor said.  "Call it economic stimulus."

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"He does?"

"I do?"

HAHAHA Keep going, plskthnx. :D

"Call it economic stimulus."

LOL! Fantastic! :D

Enjoying this so far. More please.

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