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Tribble at the Door

Doctor Who Adventures

Stories of the Doctor's Other Adventures in Time and Space

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Wherever it's Christmas p.4
Tribble at the Door

 "There you go. Macy's!"

They stepped out into a busy street, the famous nine story building towered over them.

A trolley clanged behind them.  Black model T cars rattled down the street spewing smoke.  Women walked by dressed in old-fashioned heavy gray coats and button-down shoes.  And everyone, men, women, and children wore hats.

"Uh, I don't think this is 2012," Amy said.

"No, more like 1912,"  the Doctor said.

Rory stepped in front of Amy's miniskirt clad form as a policeman strolled by in his distinctive domed hat, casually swinging his billy club.  He didn't see them, or the Tardis, fortunately. 

"You could get arrested wearing that here," Rory glanced down at her miniskirt and long legs.

"Yeah."  She eased backwards into the Tardis and the boys followed her.  "Don't go anywhere without me!"  she yelled over her shoulder as she clattered up the dais stairs.  "I'll only be a minute."

And thanks to the temporal mechanics of the Tardis it literally was a minute.  Before the Doctor could do more than turn on the scanner, Amy popped back up at the top of the stairs.  "What do you think?" she asked, posing coyly.

She was wearing a sleeveless slinky black dress that stopped short of her knees, a long string of pearls, and a cloche hat.

"Uh.  He said 1912, not 1920, Amy."

Amy sashayed down the stairs, seductively dragging a long fur stole, twirling her beads.  "Maybe I'll start a fashion."

"It's fine, Rory," the Doctor said, from where he leaned by the scanner controls.

Rory looked down at the minidress which left nothing to the imagination.  "Except you're going to freeze to death," he pointed out, swallowing hard.

"That's why I brought this."  She held up the stole to reveal it was in fact a large fur coat.  "Help me put it on?" she flirted with him over her shoulder, dangling the coat to him on one finger.

He helped her slip into the heavy coat, determindedly ignoring the delicate line of her shoulderblades.  She turned and gave him a soft kiss and patted his cheek.  "Good boy."  She linked her arm through his and yelled at the Doctor over her shoulder, "Come on, let's go shopping!"

She dragged them outside, now well muffled in her fur coat.  Rory still looked like a lumberjack, and the Doctor, unbelievably, fit right in.

The din clanged in around them, the sound of streetcars and trolleys, the rattle of model T Fords and horse carts, the noisy yelling of myriad people and the overlying smell of coal smoke.

They looked up in awe at the huge, brick building.

"Macy's!  I can't believe it!"  Amy squeezed Rory's arm in excitement.  "I've always wanted to come here."

"We're not going to find any good electronics here though."  Rory pointed out, staring at the gaggle of old-fashioned people walking past, little girls in pinafores and men in bowler hats.

"Oh, you 21st Century people and your electronics," the Doctor said.  "What kind of electronics did you expect to find in 2012 that's as good as what we've got in the Tardis?  No, this is perfect.  There are all kinds of great presents in there,"  he waved his hand expensively at the huge edifice.  "Games, toys, clothes, books, use your imagination!" He scrubbed his hands together, eyes alight, obviously eager to get started.  "And look at that!"  He pointed a long finger and ran off.  Amy and Rory looked at each other and followed. 

They found the Doctor, 900 year old Time Lord that he was, with his face pressed up against the glass of one of Macy's display windows, surrounded by a gaggle of boys in knee breeches, all who had their faces pressed right beside him.

"Santa's sleigh!"  He waved Amy and Rory to join him, without removing his face from the window.  "Just lookit!"  He pointed.  "Those reindeer are covered in real hide and look at those presents!"  He kept his hands around his eyes to better see the jumbled pile of silvery, shining presents tumbling out of Santa's sleigh.

"Look, it moves!"  Rory yelled abruptly, making Amy jump.  He dragged her over to the display window where two of Santa's reindeer were slowly galloping in place and lifting up as if they were about to fly.  "How does it do that?"

Rory pressed his face to the window too and Amy rolled her eyes looking at the lineup of 10-year-olds, the Doctor, and Rory.  "You boys and your toys!"  She shook her head and something caught her eye.  She followed the glint to the next window which sported an array of porcelain dolls and the biggest, most elaborate Victorian dollhouse she'd ever seen.

"Oh, wow!"

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This fic series is really starting to get me into the holiday cheer... :D:D

and the Doctor, unbelievably, fit right in.

Is it just me or is the Doctor able to fit in just about any where, any time?

I love the image of the Doctor being fascinated by the Macy's windows. Big ol' AWWWWW.

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